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I’ve been working on behalf of our community for years both on the School Board and as a former Tracy Planning Commissioner. As President of the School Board, I’ve implemented many programs that have given our local students a leg up.
  • I spearheaded the implementation of the College Bound Program, which helps our students prepare for college through a specialized curriculum and engagement.
  • I worked to improve the safety and security of our schools, providing a secure environment for our students and educators to achieve their highest potential.

As Planning Commissioner, I advocated for development that provided sustainable job opportunities and training programs. I will continue to fight for these types of jobs, as well as amenities for our local residents, infrastructure improvements, road repair, traffic mitigation, and other quality of life enhancements for our entire community.


I believe that I have the experience and leadership needed to guide our city forward over the next four years. Tracy's families will benefit having a council member who knows how to work with the School Board and Planning Commission.

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